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CRM Strategy

We help you in getting insights to building a CRM strategy where we focus on making it as simple and actionable as possible. The strategy includes the vision and objectives for your CRM approach. We work really hard not to overthink this strategy thing. It’s an essential thing for the success of the daily CRM work to have a roadmap with a crystal clear vision and tangible objectives. But, it’s also very important to not create pages and pages of strategy documents that after the creation process ends up in a drawer. Less is more.

CRM Processes

Once the strategy is in place we can start working on the tactics to get the job done in a controlled way. This is where we start documenting your future processes, whether new, updated or not formalized. This work is very important since this are the documents that will guide the daily work. Make sure you do not think this work as is something written in stone. You have to be prepared to adjust these documents on a regular basis so they are up-to-date.

CRM Project Management

We can take responsibility of the implementation of a complete CRM system in your business and make sure that all parties involved are working towards the set objectives and time lines. When we talk about a complete CRM system, we mean strategy work, process work, system requirements, implementation of the software system, user guidance and follow up.

Systems Integration

In some cases there might be more relevant to start with some quite simple integrations of data between systems. You might have a wide spectra of different systems and there might not be a simple cost-effective way of integrating the systems.

For the setup of integrations we use both custom built integrations and standard applications to get the job done.

For the integration to be as smooth as possible it is of utter most importance that we together do our research and document our findings in an integration specification.

CRM Data Management

This could include the acquisition of contact data from address suppliers, data transformations due to aggregates for reports and analysis and so forth. We also set up specific data quality processes for your daily work with the CRM data.

CRM Analytics

Implement standard analysis applications, customizing analysis reports, dashboards etc., building analysis reports on top of data warehouse, custom build data warehouses etc. We also build complete analyze report and dashboard packages.

Sales Management

Involves activities such as prospecting, lead generation and qualifying leads, based on criteria such as budget, needs, and timeline.

Pipeline management, keeping track of all opportunities, knowing what's the next step for each and every one. Be able to reliably forecast sales for the month, quarter and year.

Creating workflows based on the sales processes, to automatically guide the sales persons in their daily endeavour.

Sales analytics - using data and analytics to track and analyze sales performance. Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of sales processes.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation involves using technology to automate repetitive marketing tasks and processes, with the goal of streamlining workflows, increasing efficiency, and delivering more personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.

Key components of marketing automation:

Email marketing automation; lead generation, capture, segmentation, nurturing, scoring and grading; campaign management; reporting and analytics, scoring and grading leads.

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